EIAB Memorandum Circular No. 95-03-001



FOR                :















SUBJECT       :

(a)     Installation of Cylinder Valve Protective Cap or Cover and Cylinder Head Collar on 50 kg LPG Cylinders


(b)     Prohibition on the Sale and Delivery of LPG which have no brand names (unbranded)


WHEREAS, pursuant to Sec. 12 (c) and Sec. 17 of R.A. No. 7638, the Department of Energy through the Energy Industry Administration Bureau is mandated by law to regulate among others the trade and business, sale, marketing, and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG);


WHEREAS, it has come to the knowledge of the Bureau that a number of 50 kg. cylinders presently used in the market do not have any cylinder head collar making it difficult to handle and/or hold these cylinders, thus incidents of dropping of cylinders during deliveries are not far-fetched, which result to leakages of gas, endangering human lives and properties;


WHEREAS, as a precautionary measure, all LPG cylinders, especially the 50 kg. cylinders, must have cylinder head collars for better handling and for safety reasons;


WHEREAS, the installation of cylinder head collars by duly accredited LPG tank manufacturers or repair service entities cannot be done on a short period without adversely affecting the LPG supply to consumers, thus in the interim the use of an LPG valve protective cap on all 50 kg. cylinders would suffice until such time that the required LPG tank collar is installed;


WHEREAS, the Bureau is also aware of instances wherein refilled LPG cylinders comes out or are released from the refilling plant with no brand name indicated on the refilled cylinders, thus making it difficult to identify the source or owner of the tank for purposes of pinpointing responsibility in cases of underfilling and/;or unsafe condition of the tank;


 WHEREAS, reports have also been received by this Bureau from the LPG refillers/marketers of the existence of several LPG delivery trucks with different brand-names and/or unbranded for refilling with no signboard or name indicated on the delivery truck showing the specific LPG brand name which the truck represents or is authorized by this Bureau to carry, resulting in the problem of distinguishing the legitimate LPG truck hauler from those haulers that are unauthorized or not duly registered with this Bureau;


WHEREFORE, premises considered, and by virtue of the powers vested in this Bureau, it is ordered, as it is hereby ordered, the following:


(1)      Within one (1) year from the date of this Circular, all LPG refillers and/or marketers shall cause the installation of cylinder head collar on all LPG tanks especially the 50 kg. tanks owned by them or which have come to their possession for refilling and/or use.  The installation of said cylinder collar should be made only by government accredited LPG tank manufacturer or installer.  To ensure compliance with the safety standards on repair of LPG tanks, the accredited manufacturer/installer must submit a certification to this Bureau as soon as said repair and installation is completed, attesting to such compliance.


(2)      Pending completion of the installation of the required cylinder collar, all LPG refillers and/or marketers shall install protective cylinder valve cap or cover on all 50 kg. cylinders, immediately upon notice of this Circular.  Said valve cap shall always be used especially during deliveries of cylinders and while the same is in transit unless the cylinder collar has already been installed, in which case the protective valve cap can be dispensed with.


(3)      Immediately upon notice of this Circular, all LPG refillers and/or marketers are strictly prohibited from releasing; or discharging from their refilling plants and/or selling to the consumers any LPG tanks whether 11 kg. or 50 kg. with no brand name indicated on the tanks (unbranded).  Accordingly, upon effectivity of this Circular, all LPG cylinders released from the refilling plant or LPG depots should bear clearly the brand name of the refiller or marketer as the case may be.


(4)      Furthermore, all LPG refillers and/or marketers are prohibited from refilling LPG tanks coming from LPG trucks or haulers that do not have clear and legible signboard attached to said delivery trucks showing the specific LPG brand name that it represents or sells to the general public.  The absence of the signboard or LPG brand name on the delivery trucks gives rise to the presumption that said hauler is not duly registered or authorized by this Bureau.  Corollary thereto, all owners of LPG truck haulers are directed to strictly observe the requirement on the display of a signboard on the delivery trucks as aforementioned.


(5)      Any violation of the directives in this Circular shall be subject to administrative sanctions:



First violation


Warning and fine of Three Thousand Pesos (P 3,000.00)


Second Violation


Fifteen (15) days suspension of operation and fine of Five Thousand Pesos (P 5,000.00)


Third Violation


Thirty (30) days suspension of operation and fine of Five Thousand Pesos (P 5,0000.00)


Fourth Violation

Revocation and/or cancellation of license.


(6)       This Circular shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in the Official Gazette.







Approved by:







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