Non-Government Organizations


·         Alaska Forum for Environmental Responsibility

·         Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth

·         Alliance to Save Energy

·         Alternative Energy Resources Foundation

·         Amazon Watch

·         American Automobile Association

·         Daily Fuel Gauge Report

·         American Coalition for Ethanol

·         American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

·         American Oil and Gas Historical Society

·         American Public Energy Agency

·         Americans for Balanced Energy Choices

·         Association of Edison Illuminating Companies

·         Basel Action Network

·         Biodiesel Council of California

·         Bluewater Network

·         Boston Area Solar Energy Association

·         Boulder Energy Conservation Center

·         Business Council for Sustainable Energy

·         Australian Business Council of Sustainable Energy

·         Canadian Renewable Fuels Association

·         CarbonSense

·         Center for Biological Diversity

·         Centre for Energy

·         CERES

·         Citizens for Renewable Energy

·         Citizens Utility Board

·         Clean Air Initiative

·         Clean Air Initiative – Asia

·         Clean Air Trust

·         Clean Air Watch

·         Clean Caribbean and Americas

·         Clean Fuels Development Coalition

·         Clean Water Action


·         Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Energy

·         Coalition for New Energy Technologies


·         Communities for a Better Environment

·         Community Office for Research and Efficiency

·         Consumer Energy Council of America

·         Consumer Federation of America

·         Cook Inlet Keeper

·         Coordinating Research Council

·         Critical Mass Energy Project

·         Crude Oil Quality Group

·         Diesel Technology Forum

·         Earth Energy Society

·         Earth Policy Institute

·         earthjustice

·         EarthRights International

·         Ecology Center

·         Ecosystems Research Institute

·         ElectriCities

·         Energy and Resources Institute

·         Energy Center of Wisconsin

·         Energy Council of Canada

·         Energy Information Centre

·         Energy Institute

·         Energy Justice Network

·         Energy Probe

·         Energy Saving Trust

·         Energy Security Leadership Council

·         energywatch

·         Environment California

·         Environmental Council of States

·         Environmental Defense

·         Environmental Education Action Programs Society

·         Environmental Enforcement Project

·         Environmental Investigation Agency

·         Environmental Law and Policy Center

·         Environmental Literacy Council

·         Environmental News Network

·         Environmental Working Group

·         Export Council for Energy Efficiency

·         Exxon Secrets

·         Fire Safety Institute

·         focus on energy

·         Friends of the Earth

·         Fuel for America


·         Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance

·         Global Climate Coalition

·         Governors’ Ethanol Coalition

·         GrassRoots Recycling Network

·         Green Car Congress

·         Green Pages Database

·         Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydropower

·         HAZRED

·         Industrial Energy Consumers of America

·         International Maritime Organization

·         International Biofuels Association

·         International Fuel Quality Center

·         International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association

·         International Tanker Oil Pollution Federation

·         Interstate Renewable Energy Council

·         Leading Oil and Gas Industry Competitiveness (LOGIC)

·         League of Conservation Voters

·         Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

·         Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance

·         Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy


·         Montana Ethanol Producers and Consumers

·         National Association of Electricity Consumers for Reforms

·         National Commission on Energy Policy

·         National Consumer Law Center

·         National Environmental Trust

·         National Fuel Vehicle Coalition

·         National Fuel Funds Network

·         National Petroleum Council

·         National Safety Council

·         National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection

·         National Wildlife Federation

·         National Wind Coordinating Committee

·         Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition

·         Natural Resources Defense Council

·         NextEnergy

·         Northeast States Clean Air Foundation

·         Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management

·         Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

·         Northwest Power and Conservation Council

·         Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

·         Ontario Clean Air Alliance

·         Partnership for Clean Air

·         Petroleum Industry Research Foundation, Inc.

·         Petroleum Technology Transfer Council

·         Pew Center on Global Climate Change

·         Philippine Eagle Foundation

·         Philippine Fuel Ethanol Alliance

·         PILOT Task Force

·         PowerSwitch!

·         Price of Oil

·         Oil Change International

·         Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council

·         Project Clean Air

·         Project On Government Oversight

·         Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

·         Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

·         Renew the Earth

·         Renew Wisconsin

·         Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership

·         Renewable Energy Policy Project

·         Resources for the Future

·         Riverkeeper

·         Safe Energy Communication Council

·         Scorecard

·         Securing America’s Future Energy

·         Shell Facts

·         Sierra Club

·         Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition

·         Solar Energy Research and Education Foundation

·         Southface

·         Stand for Truth About Radiation

·         Sustainable Energy Coalition

·         The Utility Reform Network

·         Union of Concerned Scientists

·         United Kingdom Association for the Conservation of Energy

·         Utility Consumers Action Network

·         United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

·         United States Energy Association

·         United States-Asia Environmental Partnership

·         Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

·         Urban Environment Forum

·         WestStart-CALSTART

·         Western Resource Advocates

·         World Business Council for Sustainable Development

·         World Energy Council

·         World Nuclear Association

·         World Resources Institute


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