I initially had some misgivings and apprehensions about whether to include something about myself in this web page or not.But then, what personal web page doesn’t have a few things about its proponent, its creator? In this wise and due to insistent public demand, I finally saw the light.


        So, here it goes...


        I am thirty two years old and was born and raised in Manila.


        I am a product of Benedictine education, having obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Letters from San Beda College in Manila in 1990. (It is no coincidence, therefore, that the color scheme of this page reflects the college’s colors of red and white.)


        During my fourth and final year, I edited The Bedan, the official publication of the College of Arts and Sciences students of San Beda.


        My educational background and involvement in student journalism both led me to concentrate on public service and legislation.


        I have had the opportunity and honor to work for and work with the best. I landed my first job in the Senate in 1988, as a part-time, working, student. After obtaining my degree, I moved to the House of Representatives, where I was fortunate enough to participate in the crafting and eventual enactment of several vital pieces of legislation directly affecting the Philippine energy sector, among others.


        It was also my employment in the House that I found new interests to whet my intellectual appetite, including antitrust legislation and free speech issues.


        In this regard, Dr. Lynn Nelson of the University of Kansas requested me to host and maintain a history index for the Philippines.How could I say no?I consider it an honor!


        It was also in the House of Representatives where I wore many hats, including legislation, public relations, research, and constituency relations.


        I have tried my hand at the “noblest of professions”—that is, teaching college students English and literature courses—and found this vocation to be personally fulfilling.


        I went back in the institution that I have grown to love over the years, warts and all included—the House of Representatives in 1998.  However, after serving for 10 years in government, I feel that I have found my niche not in government, but in the private sector, specifically the energy industry.


        During my spare time, I like to write; catch up with my correspondence; curl up and read a good book; catch the latest blockbuster or listen to jazz on my iPhone or from the radio; sit before my PC and surf the Internet; or (as a last resort) follow the roller-coaster movement of the stock market.



first posted 30 November 1998


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