Memorandum Order No. 495


WHEREAS, the assurance of a steady, uninterrupted supply of energy resources is of primary importance to the well-being of the country;


WHEREAS, diversification of sources of energy is being pursued by the government in order to attain the objective of stability of energy supply;


WHEREAS, a major means of diversifying energy sources is to develop supply of alternative fuels and to promote their utilization;


WHEREAS, the government has recognized that Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is one such alternative fuel, and has therefore initiated arrangements with foreign countries to facilitate its supply into the Philippines;


WHEREAS, the Philippines and Pertamina of Indonesia have jointly agreed through a letter of intent to develop the Philippine LPG market,


NOW, THEREFORE, there is hereby created a Technical Panel to undertake the appropriate studies, and to plan the design, and construction of the necessary facilities for the transportation, storage and distribution of LPG in the Philippines, which Panel shall be composed of the following members:


Federico V. Borromeo
Liquid Gas Philippines, Inc.



Eugene Jacinto
National Computer Center




Edgardo Q. Abesamis
Development Management Staff




Ernesto A. Padilla
Liquid Gas Philippines, Inc.




Lilia A. Bautista
BOI/Department of Industry




The Technical Panel is specifically instructed to accomplish the following:


1)       Meet with representatives of PERTAMINA in order to work out mutually acceptable terms in the details of the LPG supply agreement and the joint venture agreement between Liquid Gas Philippines, Inc. and PERTAMINA.


2)       Design an optimal supply, storage, and distribution plan for the LPG imports of the country.


3)       Review existing government regulations and recommend improvements that will promote wider economic utilization of LPG.


The Technical Panel is authorized to set up subcommittees to support its research and other activities in various phases of its work.  For this purpose, the Technical Panel is authorized to call upon all government departments, bureaus, offices and agencies, including government owned or controlled corporations, for assistance in the performance of its tasks.


The Technical Panel shall submit monthly reports of its activities, findings, and recommendations to this Office.


This order shall be effective immediately.


By Authority of the President:





Executive Secretary




Manila, 6 March 1975


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