Memorandum Circular No. 39




There is hereby created the Presidential Task Force on Waste Management with the following membership:  



Presidential Management Staff



Metro Manila Commission



Department of Public Works and Highways



National Economic and Development Authority



Department of Environment & Natural Resources



Development Bank of the Philippines



Department of Health



Department of Transportation & Communications



City of Manila

The Heads of the aforementioned agencies shall immediately designate their representatives to the Task Force.  The Task Force shall have this objectives:


(1)      To identify an effective collection and disposal system or technology that can be efficiently sustained on a long-term basis.


(2)      To review all relevant proposals, concept papers and such studies on waste management and, consequently, package a project proposal that establishes technical, economic and financial viability.


(3)      To identify the most appropriate agency that would assume the lead role in waste collection and disposal management and corresponding accountability; supporting and cooperating agencies, public and private; and define their respective participation and responsibilities.


(4)      To provide alternative sources of livelihood for scavengers that can be efficiently sustained on a long-term basis.

The Task Force shall observe the following guidelines:


(1)      There is no new office created nor is additional budget outlay appropriated on account of the creation of this Task Force.


(2)      The Task Force Coordinator and Member-Agencies shall perform their respective activities as part of their normal and relevant functions without additional compensation for their designated representatives. 


(3)      The Task Force shall submit its recommendations to the President not later than 60 days from the date hereof.


This Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately.


Manila, November 2, 1987


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