Letter of Instructions No. 869




All Ministries, Departments Bureaus and Agencies of the Government including all Government-owned and/or Controlled Corporations


WHEREAS, developments in the international petroleum supply situation continue to follow a trend of limited production and spiraling prices thereby precluding the possibility of immediate relief in supplies within the foreseeable future; 

WHEREAS, the uncertainty of fuel supply availability underscores a compelling need for the adoption of positive measures designed to insure the viability of the country’s economy and sustain its developmental growth;

WHEREAS, to cushion the effect of increasing oil prices and avoid fuel supply disruptions, it is imperative to adopt a program directed towards the judicious use of our energy resources complemented with intensified conservation efforts and efficient utilization thereof;

NOW, THEREFORE, it is hereby directed that:


(1)      The Ministry of Energy shall, during the period of tight supply, limit, as necessary, sales of fuel products by oil companies and other outlets to all consumers including the government and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  Initially sales shall be limited to 1978 levels.  This may be adjusted upward or downward as required to balance supply with demand and to equitably distribute available supplies.  Moreover, the Ministry of Energy is hereby authorized to set supply priorities and to establish supply allocations accordingly.


(2)      The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy shall formulate energy conservation plans and implement the same through the Barangay brigades; moreover, it shall assist in the implementation of other conservation measures to be instituted by other government agencies.


(3)      The Metro Manila Commission, in coordination with the appropriate government agencies, shall develop, implement and supervise a program for the implementation of the Executive Order on the staggering of office hours of both government and private sectors, to achieve optimum use of transportation facilities, as well as to improve traffic flow.


(4)      All Ministries, agencies and corporations of the government shall discontinue the use of air conditioning facilities in offices where adequate ventilation is available.  Any use of air conditioning facilities by government offices shall be only with prior approval of the respective ministers and, where allowed, temperatures shall be kept at a minimum of 78º F.


(5)      The Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communication shall prohibit the use of private motor vehicles under the “H” and “EH” classifications of the LTC on weekends and holidays starting 001 hours, Saturday morning, (or the day of the holiday) until 0500 hours, Monday morning (or the day after the holiday).


(6)      Exempted from this prohibition are motor vehicles of the following classifications: 


(a)       S (Service)

(b)       T (Truck)

(c)       DPL (Diplomatic)

(d)      CC (Consular Corps)

(e)      TC (Tourist Cars)


(7)      The Metro Manila Traffic Management Authority shall, in coordination with the appropriate ministries, institute traffic flow improvement measures to ensure better traffic flow.  These agencies, moreover, shall review the traffic citation system in order to simplify the application of sanctions for traffic violations.


(8)      The Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communication shall review the registration requirements of vehicles with a view to weeding out inefficient motor vehicles.


(9)      The Ministry of National Defense shall prohibit sports activities involving mainly the use of motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft, including but not limited to car and motorcycle rallies, racing and similar events. 


(10)    All government Ministries, agencies and corporations shall limit the use of government vehicles to essential activities and shall review travel program and schedules to minimize unnecessary trips.


(11)    The Metro Manila Commission, in coordination with the appropriate agencies, shall study the feasibility of designating pedestrian malls and bicycle lanes.


(12)    The Ministry of National Defense shall intensify the drive against hoarding or black marketing of fuel, especially of kerosene and diesel and other petroleum products which from time to time may be short of supply.


(13)    The Ministry of Energy shall monitor and report on the implementation of the foregoing measures. 


(14)    All Ministries, agencies and corporations of the government are enjoined to cooperate fully in this national energy conservation effort.

This Letter of Instruction shall take effect immediately.

Done in the City of Manila, this 31st day of May, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-nine.


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