Letter of Instructions No. 422




The Department of Natural Resources


The Department of Agriculture


The Department of Health


The Department of Local Government and Community Development


The Department of Public Highways


The Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications


The Department of Education and Culture


The National Economic and Development Authority


The Energy Development Board


The National Pollution Control Commission


The Philippine Atomic Energy Commission


The Human Settlements Commission


The Laguna Lake Development Authority


The Philippine Council for Agricultural and Resources Research


The National Housing Authority


The National Irrigation Administration


The U.P Natural Science Research Center


The Philippine Coast Guard




Pursuant to our desire to prevent the deterioration of environmental quality which induces stress on biological systems and destructions of natural ecosystems with accompanying impoverishment of flora and fauna, and considering that the most serious environmental problem in the country today is the destruction of our natural resources resulting in ecological backlashes, I hereby issue the following orders: 


(1)      The Department of Natural Resources is hereby directed to initiate the creation of an Inter-Agency Committee which shall be charged with the formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies and programs relevant to environmental protection.  The Secretary of Natural Resources shall oversee and coordinate the activities of all participating government agencies and instrumentalities.


(2)      Agencies concerned with environmental protection shall report to the Inter-Agency Committee, within fifteen (15) days from the date of the creation of the Inter-Agency Committee, what they have done and are doing to implement the laws, rules and regulations on environmental protection.


(3)      The Committee shall prepare and submit within one (1) month from its organization the following:


(a)      An assessment of the accomplishments and present activities of each concerned agency along the line of environmental protection;


(b)      Capsule proposals of such agencies for further programs on environmental protection;


(c)       Suggestions regarding amendments to existing laws or regulations relevant to the protection of the environment; and


(d)       Monitor to agencies concerned existing laws or regulations on environmental protection.


Agencies concerned shall each immediately prepare and submit to the Committee its own short-range program relevant to environmental protection and identify the portions thereof which may be immediately implemented.  They shall also study, prepare and submit to the Committee their respective long-range programs on environmental protection.


All other agencies which are directly or indirectly involved in environmental protection are hereby directed to extend assistance to the Committee herein created. 


All concerned are hereby enjoined to act accordingly.


This Letter of Instruction shall take effect immediately. 


Done in the City of Manila, this 6th day of July, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-six.


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