Letter of Instructions No. 258-A


TO:    The Governor, Central Bank of the Philippines

The Commissioner, Bureau of Customs

In order to insure the immediate exploration and exploitation of geothermal energy in certain areas of the country, you are hereby directed to allow and facilitate the entry and re-export on a no-dollar import basis of the following equipment, their accessories and spare parts, to wit:  


(1)      Drilling rig mast, draw works and mud system;


(2)      Generators, engines and associated machinery to power the rigs;


(3)      Heavy duty trucks, A-Frames and light vehicles;


(4)      Lining accommodations (trailers) etc. for expatriate crews and operators;


(5)      Storage and mixing facilities for cement; and


(6)      Cement pumping equipment.

The entry and re-export allowed herein on a no-dollar import basis cover only those made under lease agreements and after complying with the following conditions:


(1)      Filing of an appropriate bond;


(2)      Certification of the National Power Corporation that the equipment, their accessories and spare parts, are necessary for geothermal exploration or exploitation;


(3)      Approval by the Power Development Council (PDC) of the intended importation of re-exportation.  


Done in the City of Manila, this 14th day of March in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-five.


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