Letter of Instructions No. 215




The Director General, National Economic Development Authority



The Secretary of Industry



The Secretary of Agriculture



The Secretary of Trade



The Secretary of Public Works



The Chairman of Philippine National Oil Company


The goodwill visit of the First Lady to the Peoples Republic of China is expected to increase and accelerate economic cooperation and trade between China and the Philippines.  It is therefore necessary that the government and the private sector take such steps as may be necessary for the implementation of such agreements that have been concluded, or may be concluded, between the two countries.


Accordingly, an Ad Hoc Committee is hereby constituted composed of the Director General of the National Economic Development Authority as Chairman and the Secretary of Industry, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Trade, the Secretary of Public Works, the Chairman of Philippine National Oil Company, and a representative of the private sector who shall be designated by the President of the Philippines, as members.  The Ad Hoc Committee is hereby empowered to take all necessary steps to assure that these trade and economic agreements with the Peoples Republic of China are implemented to enable the economy to derive maximum benefits consistent with national goals.  For this purpose, the Committee, or any agency or instrumentality, of the government designated by it, may regulate and/or control the import and export, as well as the distribution and marketing patterns in the domestic market, of products affected.  It may also allocate and distribute products and supplies covered by any such agreements among persons, corporations and entities doing business in the Philippines, under such terms and conditions as may be necessary in the national interest. 


Done in the City of Manila, this 25th day of September, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-four.


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