Letter of Instructions No. 1154





The Philippine National Alcohol Commission (PNAC)



The Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC)



The Minister of the Budget



The National Treasurer


In response to representations made in behalf of various consumers of alcogas and in the interest of the National Alcohol Program, it is hereby directed that the following be immediately effected:


(1)      Reduce the price of alcogas in Negros Occidental by P 0.25/liter, to give the consumers a financial incentive to use alcogas.


(2)      Provide an alternative fuel to the Negros motorists by resuming the sale of premium gasoline.  In view of the limited distribution facilities of the service stations, only the regular alcogas grade shall be distributed until such time as PNAC and PNOC determine that the sale of premium alcogas may be resumed.


(3)      Extend the alcogas program initially to Negros Oriental and subsequently to Panay Island as soon as sufficient anhydrous alcohol production is available.


(4)      PNAC shall continue to extend assistance to alcogas motorists in adjusting to the use of alcogas in their motor vehicles.


(5)      PNAC shall draft the assistance of local officials in promoting and assisting in the alcogas program in their respective localities.


(6)      All Government vehicles in the alcogas areas shall continue to use alcogas only.

The National Treasurer and the Minister of the Budget are hereby directed to release immediately to the PNAC the amount of P 12 Million out of the Special Fund created under Section 8 (j) of R.A. 6173, as amended, to finance the cost of implementation of the foregoing, including such subsidies as shall be necessary.  The PNAC shall render an accounting to the President of the Philippines of all disbursements of these funds.


For immediate compliance.


Done in the City of Manila, this 8th day of July, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-one.


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