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        This page had a pretty long gestation period.  As in all ideas, it inevitably sprang from the question, “Why not?” Thereafter, the idea eventually bore fruit.


        As an intermittent surfer who uses the Internet primarily for e-mail and for research, I found that searching for information—notwithstanding search engines—could be a tedious, frustrating, and often time-consuming process.  Likewise, given the dynamism & continuing evolution of the Web and the literally hundreds of millions of sites therein, it certainly behooves the user to bookmark—if not compile—the sites that prove useful, if not amusing and entertaining.


        The raison d’être for this page therefore is partly to compile and provide these links to sites that I had personally found informative, useful, amusing, and entertaining (not necessarily in that particular order) at one point or the other; and to share the same with everyone else.  The compilation is by no means exhaustive, in view of the limited time and resources available.  Furthermore, this page does not for a moment pretend to be the be-all and end-all of compilations.


        In the same vein, this page serves as an outlet for me—a challenge, if you will—to try my hand at a totally different undertaking altogether.


        Indeed, in a way, the web page also serves as a reflection of the many causes I espouse and believe in, including freedom of expression.


        There is a little bit of everything here for everyone in The (Web) World Out There: Affairs of the Heart, Jokes, and Entertainment & Sports; Antitrust; Business; Computers; Current Events; Education; Electronic Greetings; Energy (Oil and Power); Free Speech; History; Law, Government, & Politics; Literature; Personal Home Pages; Philippine Energy Laws; Philosophy; and Reference & Search Engines.


        I would like to stress though that the entities whose sites are included in this page do not, by any stretch of the imagination, endorse this page.


        Finally, this page would not have been at all possible without the constant encouragement of quite a few people, such as the faculty and staff of CDSL; FC01 (Manang; IT; Joaqui; Mr.  Sharp; and ‘Nok); Lot2; and of course, my family, who were all very supportive in this effort.


        Of late, Arvi has been a great help in encoding a lot of the DOE department circulars and issuances.   My thanks go to him, also.


        Well, here it is.



art franciz d. bernales
parañaque, metro manila
republic of the philippines
first posted: 30 november 1998




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