Executive Order No. 383





WHEREAS, the rebellion has triggered temporary unreasonable increases in the prices of certain prime commodities in the National Capital Region as a result of speculation, profiteering, hoarding and other activities calculated to take advantage of the situation resulting in an artificial shortage of supply of said commodities;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, CORAZON C. AQUINO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby direct the Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry to impose price ceilings on certain commodities in the National Capital Region and to take such measures as may be appropriate to ensure the availability of, and reasonable prices of, said commodities.


The prime commodities and their respective price ceilings are hereby set as follows:


(1)      Rice


NFA                    P 7.00/kilo


Regular Milled    P 8.00/kilo


Well-Milled         P 9.00/kilo


(2)      Canned Liquid Milk


Sweetened Filled Milk    P 12.75/395 grams


Evaporated Filled Milk  P 10.30/397 grams


(3)      Powdered Filled Milk    P 13.70/180 grams


P 15.25/200 grams


(4)      Sugar


Refined (With VAT)      P 14.80/kilo


Brown (VAT Exempt)    P 10.80/kilo


(5)      Dressed Chicken    P 55.00/kilo


(6)      Pork Liempo    P 56.00/kilo


(7)      Hard Flour    P 240.00/25 kg. sack


(8)      Kerosene    P 4.96/liter


(9)      Liquefied Petroleum Gas    P 88.10/11 kg. (pick-up)


P 91.10/11 kg. (delivered)


P 176.30/22 kg. (pick-up)


P 178.90/22 kg. (delivered)


P 360.60/45 kg. (pick-up)


P 365.95/45 kg. (delivered)


P 400.65/50 kg. (pick-up)


P 406.55/50 kg. (delivered)

The Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry is hereby authorized to review, adjust or revise the aforesaid price ceilings or the prime commodities covered as may be warranted, subject to any approval.  


The Department of Trade and Industry is hereby directed to implement this Executive Order, to impose such penalties as are provided for under Executive Order No. 913, Series of 1983 as well as to institute criminal and civil prosecutions under applicable laws.


The Department of Trade and Industry is hereby authorized to mobilize and deputize all government agencies and instrumentalities including the local governments, Philippine Constabulary/Integrated National Police, and other law enforcement agencies to strictly implement this Executive Order.


This Executive Order shall take effect immediately upon publication in a newspaper of general circulation and shall remain in effect until December 31, 1989.  


Done in the City of Manila, this 5th day of December, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-nine.


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