Executive Order No. 226





Pursuant to the authority vested in me under the Constitution and under Commonwealth Act Numbered Four hundred ninety-eight, I, Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Philippines, do hereby order that:


(1)      The Emergency Control Board created under Administrative Order Numbered One hundred seven, or any of its agents thereunto duly deputized by it, is hereby authorized and directed to make an investigation into the matter of supply, distribution, movement, and prices of foods, clothing, fuel, fertilizers, chemicals, building materials, implements, machinery, and equipment required in agriculture and industry, and other articles or commodities of prime necessity, both imported and locally produced or manufactured, and for this purpose, it may take testimony, admit evidence, administer oaths, summon witnesses, and examine or require the production of documents, books of account, papers, and other memoranda as may be necessary for the purposes of its investigation.


(2)      Any person who, without any lawful excuse, shall object to the examination of his documents, books of account, papers, and memoranda as may be required by the Board or by any of its deputies, or who shall willfully fail to appear upon summons issued therefor, or who shall refuse to take oath, give testimony, or produce documents for inspection when thereunto lawfully required, shall be punished as provided in section four of Commonwealth Act Numbered Four hundred ninety-eight, and, if an alien, shall in addition be subject to deportation after proceedings taken pursuant to section sixty-nine of the Revised Administrative Code.


(3)      Any person who shall, directly or indirectly, inflict, abet, or permit in whatever form or manner any act of revenge upon another who shall give testimony or produce documents as required by the Board or by any of its deputies shall likewise be punished as provided in section four of Commonwealth Act Numbered Four hundred ninety-eight.


Done at the City of Manila, this twenty-fourth day of October, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine, and of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, the fourth.


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