Executive Order No. 123





WHEREAS, it is the policy of the State to ensure a continuous, adequate, and economic supply of energy with the end in view of ultimately achieving self-reliance in the country’s energy requirements through, among others the judicious conservation, renewal, and efficient utilization of energy to keep pace with country’s growth and economic development;


WHEREAS, there is a need for continuing efforts to promote and adopt energy conservation measures through a coordinative, consultative, and mutually-supportive implementation mechanism that would at the same time produce an environment conducive to free and active private sector participation in energy conservation activities;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, FIDEL V.  RAMOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:


SECTION 1.  Creation and Composition.  – The Committee on Power Conservation and Demand Management, hereinafter referred to as the Committee, is hereby established as a regular and permanent body with the Chairman of the Council of Advisers on Energy Affairs as its Chairman and at least one representative from each of the following agencies as members:


(a)      Department of Energy;


(b)      Department of Education, Culture, and Sports;


(c)       Department of Trade and Industry;


(d)       Department of Interior and Local Government;


(e)       Department of Labor and Employment;


(f)        Metro Manila Authority;


(g)       National Power Corporation;


(h)       Philippine National Oil Corporation; and


(i)        National Electrification Administration


To promote an environment conducive to free and active private sector participation in energy conservation activities, the Chairman may invite representatives from the private sector to serve as members of the Committee, for such period as he may deem appropriate.  Such private sector representatives may include representatives from the Manila Electric Company and other private electric utilities, a non-governmental organization (NGO), the broadcast media, and the print media. 


SEC. 2.  Powers and Functions.  – The Committee shall:


(a)      undertake information dissemination campaigns to create greater awareness of power conservation measures;


(b)      promote an environment that will be conducive to free and active private sector participation and initiatives in power conservation activities, particularly in efficient power generation, utilization, and demand management;


(c)      encourage the use of generators sets at specific periods and in particular situations and the application of other innovative efficient power utilization schemes;


(d)      provide research, monitoring and feedback with respect to power consumption in both the public and private sectors for purposes of issuing from time to time, guidelines to achieve energy savings;


(e)      mobilize funds for the execution of the Committee’s objectives; and


(f)       perform such other tasks that may be necessary and incidental to the implementation of this Executive Order. 


SEC. 3.  Sub Committees and Task Forces.  – The Committee may form subcommittees and task forces as may be necessary for the effective performance of its functions.  Such subcommittees and task forces may include, among others, as Task Force on Households, a Task Force on Industrial and Commercial Establishments, a Subcommittee on Research and Monitoring. 


SEC. 4.  Implementing Guidelines and Programs.  – The Department of Energy, in coordination with the Committee, shall develop the appropriate implementing programs and promulgate the necessary implementing guidelines for the accomplishment of the objectives of this Executive Order. 


SEC. 5.  Relationship with Government Agencies, NGOs, And Other Private Entities.  – The Committee is hereby authorized to call on and mobilize any government agency and instrumentality (including local government units, government owned or controlled corporations, schools, and institutions of learning), as well as non-governmental organizations and other private entities, for support and assistance in the implementation of this Executive Order. 


SEC. 6.  Repealing Clause.  – All presidential acts, letters of instructions, executive orders, rules and regulations, or parts thereof, which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Executive Order, are hereby repealed, amended or modified accordingly. 


SEC. 7.  Effectivity.  – This Order shall take effect immediately.


Done in the City of Manila this 8th day of September, in the year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-three.


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