Department Order No.  2003-05-005





In the interest of the service and in order to institutionalize and provide procedural guidelines in the negotiations/approval of service contracts and coal operating agreements under PD 87 (Oil and Gas), PD 1442 (Geothermal), PD 972 (Coal) and EO 462 (Ocean, Solar and Wind), as amended, the pertinent constitutional provisions and existing circulars, rules and regulations thereon, the Department of Energy Contracts Negotiating Panel is hereby reconstituted as follows:


Department of Energy (DOE) Contracts Negotiating Panel


Undersecretary* Chairman


Assistant Secretary* Vice-Chairman


Director, Energy Resource Development Bureau* Vice-Chairman for Petroleum, Geothermal and Coal Contracts


Director, Energy Utilization and Management Bureau* Vice-Chairman for Ocean, Solar and Wind (OSW)


Contracts Chief, Contracts Division* Vice-Chairman


Legal/Negotiations Chief, Petroleum Resource Development Member for Petroleum Resource Development


Petroleum Contracts Chief, Geothermal and Coal Division Member for Geothermal and Coal


Contracts Chief, Renewable Energy Division -Member for OSW


Contracts Chief, Compliance Division Member


Designated Resource Economist Specialist Staff


*Regular Member


The Contracts Division shall also be responsible for the flow of documents from receipt of application to processing by the various panel members for technical, financial and economic evaluation. It is hereby directed that henceforth, all applications under PD 87, PD 1442 and PD 972, and EO 462, as amended, shall be examined, evaluated and reviewed by the DOE Contracts Negotiating Panel which is hereby directed and authorized to negotiate with the applicants, the terms and conditions of contracts pursuant to existing constitutional provisions and applicable laws, circulars, rules and regulations.


Department Order No. 95-08-21 dated 17 August 1995, Department Order No. 2002-02-001 dated February 12, 2002 and any other orders or directives inconsistent herewith are hereby accordingly amended or superseded.


Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila






16 May 2003


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