NO. 2009-04




SECTION 1.  In order to strengthen DENR’s position as the lead agency for climate change pursuant to its mandate under Executive Order 192, series of 1987 and to rationalize development and implementation of programs and policies on Climate Change, a Climate Change Office is hereby created under the Office of the Secretary.


SEC. 2.  The Climate Change Office (CCO) shall serve as the coordinating mechanism internally among DENR offices as well as externally, with other national government agencies, non-government organizations and local government units, particularly in the following:


(a)      development of the Climate Change strategies and programs;


(b)      formulation and recommendation of Climate Change policies;


(c)      development and implementation of the Climate Change programs and projects;


(d)      development and implementation of information, communications and capacity development program for Climate Change;


(e)      provide support to the Inter-Agency Committee on Climate Change (IACCC) Secretariat;


(f)     provide support to the EMB and other DENR offices for us to comply with our obligations under the UN Convention on Climate Change;


(g)      prepare and submit regular reports on the accomplishments and status of programs and plans on Climate Change;


(h)      perform other functions as maybe directed by the Secretary.


SEC. 3.  The Climate Change Office shall be headed by an Executive Director to be appointed and/or designated by the Secretary.  He or she shall be under the direct supervision of the Secretary or his/her designated Supervising Undersecretary.


SEC. 4.  Within six (6) months from the issuance of this Administrative Order, the Executive Director shall prepare and submit to the Secretary the following:


(a)      annual work and financial plan;


(b)      proposed staffing pattern for the Climate Change Office; and


(c)      administrative and logistical requirements and set-up for said office.


SEC. 5.  This Order shall take effect immediately.


March 31, 2009, Quezon City, Philippines






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