No. 2003- 27

Series of 2003

July 4, 2003





Section 1.  Basic Policy.  – It is the policy of the State to uphold the right of the Filipino to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with rhythm and harmony of nature.  Towards this end, a modified SELF-MONITORING REPORT (SMR) system is hereby adopted by the DENR, as part of the compliance monitoring system of the Department.


SEC. 2.  Definition of Terms.  – When used in this Order, the following terms and phrases shall have the indicated meanings unless clearly stated otherwise:


(a)      Firm refers to any operation or business, natural or juridical, which produces, manages, administers and/or operates industrial, commercial and/or manufacturing establishments.


(b)      Self-monitoring is the process by which a source measures the concentration of pollutant of its emissions, discharges, and or performance parameters to provide information on the nature of the pollutant discharge and/or the operation of control technologies.


(c)       SMR System is a system by which firms provide enforcement officials (i.e., DENR) with self- monitoring and/or self-recordkeeping data/reports periodically and/or upon request.


SEC. 3.  Scope.  – The modified SMR system shall be implemented nationwide including areas under the jurisdiction of LLDA.  All firms satisfying the criteria as enunciated in Annex A (Industry Classification Requiring the Services of Accredited Pollution Control Officers) and Annex B (Firms that should have full-time Pollution Control Officer) of DAO 26 (Series of 1992) are required to submit regular Self-Monitoring Report.


SEC. 4.  Preparations of SMR.  – The SMR shall be in accordance with the format specified in Annex A.  The EMB shall prepare the Reference Manual within thirty (30) days from the effectively of this DAO to define and expound on the requirements of the SMR any changes in the format of the SMR shall be subject to prior approval of the Secretary.


SEC. 5.  Submission of SMR.  – Unless otherwise provided, all covered firms shall submit the SMR on a quarterly basis.  SMR covering activities in a quarter shall be submitted within fifteen (15) calendar days after the end of the said quarter as may be determined by the DENR/EMB – Regional Office concerned.


The submission of the SMR may be done through:

SEC. 6.  Evaluation of SMR.  – The EMB shall complete the procedural, technical, and/or substantive review of the submitted SMR within fifteen (15) working days.


Absence of actions/communication from DENR RO concerned within the prescribed period shall be deemed as acceptance of the SMR submitted.


SEC. 7.  Confidentiality.  – Upon completion of EMB’s evaluation, the SMRs are considered as public documents.  As such, access of theses documents by written request of the general public shall be allowed in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations especially, but not limited to the guarantee of the confidentiality of specific business information under R.A. 6969 and its implementing rules and regulations.


SEC. 8.  Procedural Manual.  – The EMB shall prepare a Procedural Manual for the implementation of this Order within a period of sixty (60) days from the effectivity hereof.


SEC. 9.  Review and Revision.  – This Order may be subjected to review and revision by Environmental Management Bureau (EMB).  Amendments, revisions or changes to this Order shall be subjected to public consultations prior to approval of the Secretary.


SEC. 10.  Information, Education Campaign.  – For the effective implementation of the modified SMR System and better coordination among the concerned sectors, the EMB shall conduct continuing education and information campaign.


SEC. 11.  Repealing Clause.  – All rules and regulations, including but not limited to provisions of DAO 26 (Series of 1992), DAO 29 (Series of 1992) and DAO 2000-81 (Series of 2000), found inconsistent herewith are hereby revoked/superseded by this administrative order.


SEC. 12.  Effectivity.  – This Administrative Order shall take effect immediately.














General Information


The Self-Monitoring Report or SMR has two basic objectives:


·         It allows firms or establishments to demonstrate their compliance with environmental regulations (e.g. P.D. 984, P.D. 1586, R.A. 6969, R.A. 8749); and,


·         It allows EMB to confirm or validate that firms or establishments comply with environmental regulations or requirements and it also provides for the mechanism needed to standardized SMR requirement as provided in DAO 2003-14.


The SMR consists of seven modules:


·         MODULE 0.  General Information Sheet – this module provides basic Information about the establishment, firm or facility.  This module shall only be prepared once.


·         MODULE 1. General Information – the module provides background information about the establishment, firm, or facility including changes or modifications of Module 0.


·         MODULE 2.  R.A. 6969 – this module provides information on compliance with the requirements of R.A. 6969.  This module is composed of three sub-modules:  A) Compliance with CCO-related requirements, B) for hazardous wastes treater and recycler, and C) for hazardous wastes generator.


·         MODULE 3.  P.D. 984 – this module provides information on compliance with the requirements of P.D. 984.


·         MODULE 4.  R.A. 8749 – this module provides information on compliance with the requirements of R.A. 8749.


·         MODULE 5.  P.D. 1586 – this module provides information on compliance with the requirements of P.D. 1586.


·         MODULE 6.  Others – this module provides additional information that are not exclusive to any of other module/s.




Upon completion of EMBs evaluation, the SMRs are considered as public documents.  As such, access of those documents by written request of the general public shall be allowed in accordance with application rules and regulations.


However, it should be noted that the confidentiality of specific business information as guaranteed under R.A. 6969 and its implementing rules and regulations shall continue to be maintained.  However, the SMR was designed in such a way that there is no need for confidential business information to be included in the submissions.


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