Commonwealth Act No. 349






Be it enacted by the National Assembly of the Philippines:


SECTION 1.  For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of Section 16 (d), (e), (f) and (g), Section 17 (d), and Section 40 (g) of Commonwealth Act Numbered One Hundred Forty-Six there is created a Standardizing meter laboratory under the general control of the Public Service Commission.


SEC. 2.  This laboratory, to be placed under the direct supervision of the Industrial Division of the Commission, shall have the duty of inspecting, examining, and approving periodically all meters and appliances for measurements used by all public services under the supervision of the Commission to ensure their accuracy:  Provided, however, That the City of Manila shall not be deprived of the powers heretofore exercised under Acts Numbered Four Hundred Eighty-Four and Two Thousand and Thirty-Nine.


SEC. 3.  The Commission shall have the power to establish a reasonable schedule of fees to be paid by public services concerned for testing services.  Said tests shall be made only once every six months for taximeters; once every two-year period on electric meter and gas meters:  Provided, That this shall be without prejudice to a test asked for by any interested party, which shall be paid by said party should it be found that the complaint is unjustified, or by the public service concerned should it be found otherwise.


SEC. 4.  To carry out effectively the purposes of this Act, the sum of seventy thousand pesos is hereby appropriated out of any fund not otherwise appropriated in the Philippine Treasury which shall constitute a reimbursable fund to be known as “Standardizing Meter Laboratory Fund”, to be disbursed by the Public Service Commission, together with all future accretions derived from its operation, for the inspection, examination, and approval of all meters and appliances for measurements used by all public services under the jurisdiction of the Commission to ensure their accuracy:  Provided, That as soon as possible after the close of each year, the Public Service Commission shall render a detailed financial report of the operation of this fund during said year to the President of the Philippines and the National Assembly:  Provided, further, That any surplus in this fund existing at the end of any year, which, in the opinion of the Budget Commission, is not necessary for the operation of the said service, shall revert to the general fund of the Philippine Treasury.


SEC. 4.  This Act shall take effect upon its approval.


Approved, August 22, 1938


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