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Monthly Fuel Consumption Report

For the Month of _______________, 200_


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January-June 2005 Average Monthly Consumption

Monthly Fuel Consumption

Monthly Savings

Percent Savings

Gasoline, liters

Diesel, liters

Gasoline, liters

Diesel, liters

Gasoline, liters

Diesel, liters

Gasoline, liters

Diesel, liters



























   (Add rows when necessary)


Monthly savings in Gasoline, liters           =    Jan. to June 2005 Ave. Monthly Gasoline Consumption – Previous Month’s Gasoline Consumption


Monthly savings in Blended Diesel, liters =   Jan. to June 2005 Ave. Monthly Blended Diesel Consumption – Previous Month’s Blended Diesel Consumption


% Savings  =                           Monthly Savings                                            x 100

                                                Ave. monthly consumption, Jan.-June 2005


Prepared by:  _________________________________

                         (Energy Conservation Officer)


(Start of Submission is September 2005 onwards)



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