Act No. 3301






Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Legislature assembled and by the authority of the same:


SECTION 1.  Section nine of Act Numbered Twenty-one hundred and fifty-two as amended by section four of Act Numbered Twenty-six hundred and fifty-two, is hereby further amended to read as follows:


“SEC. 9.  Upon approval of the list of priorities the Secretary of Commerce and Communications shall publish the said approved list in the manner provided in section five of this Act.  This notice shall show for each appropriation:


“(a) The name and post-office address of the appropriator.


“(b) The priority number of such appropriation.


“(c) The amount of prior appropriations.


“(d) The amount, of water to which the appropriator is entitled.


“(e) And if such appropriations be for irrigation, a description of the legal subdivisions of the lands to-which said water is to be diverted.


“It shall thereupon be the duty of the Director of Public Works to issue to each appropriator represented in such list a certificate signed by the Secretary of Commerce and Communications, setting forth the information shown in items (a), (b) (c); (d) and (e) of this section relating to his appropriation.


Such certificates shall be transmitted by the Director of Public Works, by registered mail to the register of deeds of the province in which such appropriation shall have been made, and on the same date a notice of such transmittal shall be forwarded by the Director of Public Works to the appropriator and it shall be the duty of the register of deeds, after having received from the appropriator the sum of two pesos, as a fee, to record the same in a book specially prepared and kept for that purpose, and thereupon immediately transmit the same to the appropriator.  If the water is to be wholly or partially used in another province than that in which the point of diversion is located, the Director of Public Works shall instruct the register of deeds of the latter to transmit in the same manner, after the proper procedure, the certified copy to the register of deeds of the province where the water is to be used and this officer shall be entitled to the fees and charged with the duties above mentioned:  Provided, however, That if such entry shall not be made by the appropriator within one year after receipt of such notice from the Director of Public Works, the certificate mentioned shall ipso facto be canceled.”


SEC. 2.  This Act shall take effect on its approval.


Approved, December 2, 1926 

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