Department Circular No. 2003-04-004





WHEREAS, the Department of Energy (DOE), in pursuance of the policy of the State to ensure and accelerate the total electrification of the country, has targeted the attainment of 100 percent barangay electrification level by 2006;


WHEREAS, the DOE and Department of Finance (DOF) have jointly issued the Letter of Sector Development Program reiterating its commitment to total barangay electrification by 2006 as well as to energize 90 percent of total potential households by 2017;


WHEREAS, the DOE, in compliance with Rule 13 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9136 or the “Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001” or “EPIRA,” has developed a Missionary Electrification Development Plan (MEDP) that embodies the framework on how the government and the private sector can collaborate for the effective leveraging of limited public sector resources;


WHEREAS, a review of the other electrification projects indicates the need to refocus and strengthen its goal to integrate the expanded/over-all rural electrification thrust under the MEDP;


WHEREAS, the DOE has adopted the general objective of contributing in the improvement of the quality of life in the rural areas by providing adequate, affordable, and reliable energy services in partnership with the private sector through the electrification of barangays and households;


NOW, THEREFORE, the DOE hereby creates an Expanded Rural Electrification (ER) Team to manage effectively and integrate the country’s rural electrification program. 


SECTION 1.  Specific Objectives.  – It is hereby established the specific objectives of the ER Team:


(a)      To accelerate electrification through enhanced public/private partnership consistent with the EPIRA provisions on rural or missionary electrification. 


(b)      To implement new mechanisms and innovative approaches to enhance operational efficiency and sustain services in connected areas. 


(c)      To promote cost-effective uses of new and renewable energy for power generation and tap the private sector to provide technical, managerial expertise and financial resources to achieve the goal. 


(d)      To recommend policy directions/guidelines on the implementation of the program. 


(e)      To integrate all efforts and initiatives to achieve 100 percent barangay electrification by 2006 and 90 percent household electrification by 2017. 


SEC. 2.  Composition and Responsibilities.  – The ER Team shall be composed of an Oversight Committee, an Inter-Agency Technical Working Group, and a Secretariat, and shall have the following responsibilities:


(a)      Oversight Committee (ER Team-OC)


The following shall compose the ER Team-OC:


Oversight Chairman


Cyril C. del Callar

Undersecretary, DOE


Program Managers


Julinette M. Bayking, NEA




Mylene C. Capongcol, DOE




Lorenzo S. Marcelo, NPC-SPUG




Agnes C. De Jesus, PNOC-EDC




Representative from PNOC




Rafael L. Abergas, NPC-SPUG




Nelia F. Irorita, NEA




Noel Hernandez, NEA




Representative, OSEC-DOE




Representative from NEDA




Representative from DOF


The ER Team-OC shall have the following responsibilities:


(a)       Oversee the implementation of the RE Program;


(b)       Recommend to the Secretary policy and program directions of the “new” RE Program;


(c)       Formulate and refocus the Program’s goals to address “present” concerns including sitio and household electrification;


(d)      Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of the Program and feedback system to concerned agencies and participants;


(e)      Develop timeline, reform action plans, targets and detailed implementation schedule for year 2003-2006, for barangay electrification and the 5-year (2003, 2007, 2012 and 2017) implementation schedule for household electrification;


(f)       Identify the coverage areas of the various stakeholders/key players and set/coordinate the timetable of project implementation;


(g)      Prepare Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between or among all parties concerned; and


(h)      Spearhead the promotion of the Program, in coordination with the public relations group of the Department.


(b)      Inter-Agency Technical Working Group (ER Team-TWG)


The ER Team-OC shall be assisted by the ER Team-TWG, composed of:




Division Manager, PPDD, Planning, NEA




Division Chief, REAMD, EPIAB, DOE




Division Manager, Project Management, NPC-SPUG




Division Manager, Strategic Planning, NPC-SPUG




Representative, RED, EUMB, DOE




Representative, PD, EPPB, DOE




Representative, Compliance Division, ERDB, DOE




Nelson Milo, NEA




Jocelyn D. Carabuena, NEA


Responsibilities of the ER Team-TWG


(a)      Assist the Team in the implementation of the Rural Electrification Program;


(b)      Maintain Program databank;


(c)       Consolidate/integrate outputs of each program component;


(d)       Conduct regular evaluation/assessment of the program to identify/address gaps and issues affecting program implementation;


(e)       Be responsible for oversight/monitoring of the implementation of all program components/activities;


(f)        Prepare reports, presentation/briefing materials and other documentation relative to the program; and


(g)       Assist in the promotion of the Program. 


(h)       Secretariat/Support Staff (ER Team-Secretariat)


The ER Team shall be assisted by representatives from DOE, NEA, and NPC-SPUG


SEC. 3.  Scope of Coverage.  – To integrate effectively and manage efficiently all electrification projects in a holistic and sustainable manner, the following projects/activities, but not limited to, shall be coordinated with the ER Team, to wit:


(a)       DOE’s BEP


(b)       DOE’s ER 1-94 Electrification Funds


(c)        NEA Subsidy-funded


(d)        NPC-SPUG Missionary Electrification


(e)        PNOC-EDC


(f)         IPPs


(g)        ODA (bilateral, multilateral, GEF)


(h)        Electrification Projects of other Government Projects


(i)         Other Electrification Projects/Program not specified above


SEC. 4.  Reporting.  – The ER Team shall report directly to the DOE Secretary


SEC. 5.  Funds.  – The funds required for the operation of the ER Team shall be taken from each individual agency budget.  For the ER Team-TWG and ER Team-Secretariat, all expenses relating to operations shall be chargeable against the regular budget of the DOE and other funds that may be generated/solicited under the Program.  For expenses covering the travel and accommodations, such shall be chargeable against the budget of the respective agencies, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations. 


Heads of the concerned divisions/bureaus shall assign their representative within five (5) days from issuance of the Circular. 


The Team shall hold office at the 3rd Floor, NPTL Building, DOE Complex.


All Orders, Memoranda or other issuances or portions thereof which are inconsistent with this Circular are hereby superseded, modified or amended accordingly. 


This Department Circular shall take effect immediately. 







01 April 2003

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig




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